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Pet Dog Training Classes

These classes are designed for owners who wish to understand their pet dog, train them to be well mannered individuals who will give you a lifetime of love and loyalty and provide you as the owner with all the information you require to remain a responsible dog owner.

The classes are for Adolescent dogs (from 6 months of age) and Adult dogs of all ages.


The classes are small (6 dogs and handlers), and friendly, and provide training in an appropriate safe environment using kind, fair, effective and up-to-date training methods, they are designed to create a collaborative partnership between yourself and your dog for life.

Adult Dog and Puppy Training   
Pet Dog Training Classes
  • Now available at my venue in Golden Valley, 4 week training courses for Puppies and also Adult dogs.  Up to 5 dogs per groups.  Course fee is £44
  • Now available 1-1 Training on any issues with your dog held at Golden Valley £44 per hour.
  • Topics you may wish covered; Dog reactivity, Recall Issues, Separation anxiety, basic obedience training for example.
  • Workshops at Golden Valley with up to 5 dogs per group - 2 hours on Rally, Recall, Agility, Obedience for example
  • Bespoke training is also available if you have up to 4 friends who would like to train together.  You would share the £44 per hour fee.
What are Core Strategies? 
Five Core Training Strategies for a Socially Acceptable Dog
1.        Self Controlled Greeting  
2.       Know when to leave things alone, and to get off something 
3.       Know when to drop things or give them back 
4.       Walking Nicely on Lead 
5.       Coming back when called 
The following information can be sent to the you: 
Training your Dog 
How does it work? 
Using the Learn to Earn (copy will be provided), to establish a clear relationship with your dog, you then need to introduce the core training to be able to establish boundaries and positive behaviours. 
The training should be carried out using the Principles of Learning (copy will be provided) and the above strategies introduced to your dog as soon as possible. 
Decide what your personal and household boundaries are going to be and have the whole family stick to them to allow your dog understand what they are allowed to do. 
Practical help  
Each Strategy will have a video and handout and a Q and A session over a period of minimum 5 days, or at a pace you request. 
The fee for this service is £50.  The fee can be paid by bank transfer.  Payment will be required prior to the first video clip being sent via email.  
The Q and A Sessions can be via telephone or on WhatsApp using their video option.