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Pet Dog Training Classes

These classes are designed for owners who wish to understand their pet dog, train them to be well mannered individuals who will give you a lifetime of love and loyalty and provide you as the owner with all the information you require to remain a responsible dog owner.

The classes are for Adolescent dogs (from 6 months of age) and Adult dogs of all ages.

K9 Star Awards

The classes incorporate the K9 Star Awards, where for each of the five levels you will need to introduce 10 skills to your dog - each time you achieve the new skill, you will receive a star, once all 10 stars are collected you will be awarded your certificate, and have the opportunity to move onto the next level.

The classes are small (6 dogs and handlers), and friendly, and provide training in an appropriate safe environment using kind, fair, effective and up-to-date training methods, they are designed to create a collaborative partnership between yourself and your dog for life.