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Rally is a relatively new sport in the UK which is to be adopted by the Kennel Club as a sport for all dogs regardless of breed, size or age. The sport is essentially to have a Dog and Handler team navigate a numbered course of signs indicating different exercises to be performed. Should any handlers wish to compete in this sport, there are a growing number of Rally trials being offered throughout the UK. At the Derbyshire School 4 Paws we believe this discipline is excellent for focusing young dogs, giving an older dog something new to keep their minds crisp or to give any dog an opportunity to spend quality time with their owners.

We offer:

Rally Taster Sessions

These are two hour sessions which cover the rules of Rally, how to train your dog and a hands on opportunity to see if Rally is the sport for you. Look for forthcoming dates on our Courses and Events page.

Rally Classes

We hold weekly classes both in the evenings and daytime for dogs and handlers to join. These are hourly classes and prepare participants for competition or help you to train your dog in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Rally Fun Competition

During the Summer we offer Fun competitions, where you can test your skills on Rally courses. All our Intructors are qualified Rally Judges and therefore we are in the best position to see how you are improving with your ongoing training.

Rally Trials

In the future the Derbyshire School 4 Paws plan to hold Rally Trials.

For details of these classes and courses see contact information.