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UKA Agility Shows


Derbyshire Agility Centre are excited about holding a Series of Winter shows under UK Agility Rules in 2013/14.

Show dates are:
November 3rd 2013
January 19th 2014

March 23rd 2014

They will all be one day shows held at Broomfield College in the new Equestrian indoor facility. This venue offers an indoor arena which will hold two agility rings. On site there is a cafeteria providing fresh and well prepared meals and refreshments.

The shows will offer the full range of agility competitions including Agility, Jumping, Games and Steeplechase with both Nursery classes for young dogs and Casual Jumping and Agility classes for the retired dogs or those returning from injury who need to jump at lower heights.

Should you wish to enter the shows, you need to become members of UKA. Applications can be made on the UKA website.