Booking an Appointment

To book an appointment, contact the office by email or by telephone to arrrange a convenient time and date, complete the Questionnaire and ask your Veterinarian to fill in the Referral Form and send them through to me prior to the appointment date.

You may either print off the forms and complete them prior to posting them to me (the address will be on the form), or ask for the forms to be sent out to you.

Consultations normally last a minimum of 2 hours and are carried out in your own home at a time which is convenient to you. It is helpful for the whole family and any other carers to be present.

I will then take a detailed history of the problem and assess your pet.

The cause and motivation for the behaviour will be fully explained and a staged programme of behaviour modification advised. You will receive a written report containing the main points of the programme and I will also provide a copy for your Vet.

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