Rehabilitation of Rescue/Problem Dogs

I provide a safe environment in which to work upon the rehabilitation of some of the most common rescue dog problems, such as:

  • Dog/dog aggression
  • People Aggression
  • Food and other resource holding aggression
  • Fears and phobias

After an initial 20 minute assessment of the particular problem you are experiencing with your dog, I will provide some one-to-one training. This will require you to learn how to train your dog to cope with the situations he or she find disturbing and create a better understanding of why your dog behaves in this unacceptable manner.

This training may be carried out in your own home or at a specially designed facility, available to me or even in a public place if appropriate.

Each session will last for approximately one hour, however, this will be dependant upon the individual dog and his or her problem(s) as no fixed time limit can be placed upon rehabilitation and success will always depend upon the time and effort you as the owner are able to spend with your dog.

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