Clicker Training Workshops

You may be familiar with the words – Clicker Training – and still not really know what it is all about. Also, in my experience, many people train with a clicker and do not quite grasp the principals and therefore are unable to gain the full benefit from this training aid.

That is just what a clicker happens to be – an aid to effective training.

In these clicker workshops, I will explain how and why the clicker can be so useful in training many different species to offer behaviours which will make your life so much easier as their owner, and their lives so much more fulfilled as your pet. So, from horses to dogs and from pigs to donkeys, we are able to utilise the clicker to make interactions with your pets so much more positive.

Each two hour session will cover:

  • How the clicker works
  • Why the clicker works
  • Introducing clicker training to your pet
  • Pitfalls and problems
  • Some Practical Applications

Follow-up workshops are also available to those who already have this knowledge or have attended the first level workshop and wish to further learn the application of the clicker for problem behaviours, for specific training in certain animal related sports or just have a thirst for knowledge!

All training classes offered incorporate some sessions on introducing clicker training from puppies to agility dogs from adult obedience classes to rehabilitation of problem dogs.

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