The Derbyshire Canine Activity Centre

Ever wished you knew how your dog could shine in some form of dog activity?

So how about trying this new and innovative idea in dog training which offers a wide range of exciting and fun activities for you and your dog.

How it works

For those new to this training, once you have completed the 6 week introduction to dog training course, you may choose from a variety of activities on offer in the Autumn at our different venues, both workshop and course formats.

There will be a schedule of events posted on this Website and Facebook Pages (Derbyshire School 4 Paws and Derbyshire Agility Centre) for you to chose from all at highly competitive prices.

We have a knowledgeable, friendly and helpful team of Trainers just waiting to give you lots of fun and exciting instruction.

We can’t wait to begin…..

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Autumn and Winter Workshops

The Derbyshire Canine Activity Centre is pleased to offer a series of Workshops on various dog activities during the Autumn and Winter. All the workshops are available for dogs of any breed, size, experience or age and offer a wide variety of activities to suit most dogs. Each two hour Workshop costs £20 payable in advance on booking. A booking form is available on the website or on request by emailing


The scentwork workshop is all about having fun with your dog and harnessing their natural ability to distinguish scents in a variety of ways. We will look at fun games you can play with your dog at home to keep their brain and body active, search squares (used in working trials training), obedience style scent discrimination, passive scentwork and a fun search and rescue game!

Click and Trick

This session will allow you to examine the theory of why and how Clicker Training can enhance your training capabilities. You will be taught how to introduce Clicker training to your dog, shown examples of where it can be useful in training specific behaviours, and for those who already use a clicker to train your dog, it will look at advanced clicker training techniques with practical sessions where you can teach your dog interesting and fun new behaviours.

Competition Obedience

The competition obedience workshop is for the dog owner who wishes to advance their pet training or may be thinking of taking up competitive obedience. The workshop will give you an overview of what to expect in competition classes and will use motivational, reward-based training to build your dog’s focus and attention. The exercises covered will be heelwork, presents and finishes, recall, stay, retrieve, sendaway, scent discrimination and distance control.

Treiball Fun (Drive Ball)


This is a chance to learn how to become involved in a completely new training activity. Treiball, from Germany, is a sport of skill and collaboration with the handler and dog and great fun! Initially, you teach your dog to nudge a ball into a net and this involves them learning how to push the balls with their nose or head and move them around and into a goal. During this fun session, there will be an opportunity to teach your dog the basics of this activity.

Treiball Treiball Treiball

Treiball Treiball

Rally Taster


This 2 hour session is an introduction to the rules of a new dog activity of Rally and a chance to try it out with your dog with a view to joining a weekly class. The sport is basically cross between obedience and agility as you have a course to work around and at each point marked on the course you and your dog have to perform obedience based exercises starting from very basic working your way through three levels to more complex exercises. Ideal as a low impact activity for an older dog or dog retiring from more athletic activity or a young dog who requires some focus and control.

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