Companion Animal Behaviour Consultations

Because we welcome and accept animals into our lives, does not mean we have to live with unacceptable behaviours such as the destruction of your home, inappropriate aggression or just unacceptable bad manners.

Common problems often encountered in dogs and cats are:

  • Aggression – People/animal
  • Destructiveness
  • Toileting problems
  • Marking
  • Spraying
  • Self Mutilation
  • Excessive vocalisation
  • Nervousness, fear and phobias
  • Car travel
  • General lack of control

There are many methods of adjusting your companion animals’ behaviour in a positive and rewarding way, which will ultimately lead to a better relationship for everyone involved.

By referral from your local Veterinarian Clinic, I will visit your home for a consultation which is not time limited. I gather a full history of your companion animal including details of their particular
unacceptable social behaviour and discuss a working programme of behaviour modification to help you and your animal discover how to live happily together. This is followed by a full written report outlining all the details.

Further visits may be required, however, follow-up by telephone is always available and you may also request further consultations.

Booking an appointment

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