Agility Courses & Seminars

There are several specialist agility training seminars available, including:

Bespoke Seminars and Training Course

The agility wing of the organisation, under the title Derbyshire Agility Centre, offer training either at a specialist site in Derbyshire or in your own training centre for any level of agility competitor or group/club.

Agility Training for Trainers 1 – Pre Agility & Introduction to Equipment

This is an in depth two and a half day training course for trainers who wish to be able to set up and run agility classes. They will prepare Trainers to provide approximately 6 months of instruction for their clients.

Agility Training for Trainers 2 – Handling Skills

This provides further instruction for your clients on how to handle their dogs through short sequences in preparation to run on full courses.

This course is suitable for those already training agility or those who have completed Training for Trainers 1.

Agility Training for Trainers 3 – Top Up

This one day ‘top-up’ course allows trainers to learn how to trouble shoot by handling their own dogs in a practical session and then discovering ways to enhance their training and that of their handlers in an afternoon seminar session.

For details of these and many other forthcoming courses visit the Courses & Events page

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